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About Us

The Business Humanitarian Forum (BHF) is a unique global platform that fosters dialogue and collaboration between the business sector, humanitarian organizations, and governments. Established in [Year], our mission is to encourage businesses to play an active role in humanitarian efforts and to facilitate partnerships that lead to sustainable solutions for people in need.

Our core belief is that businesses can make a meaningful impact in humanitarian efforts by sharing their resources, expertise, and innovation. By working together, we can address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, such as poverty, natural disasters, and conflicts.

Our Work

1. Facilitating Partnerships

We connect businesses, humanitarian organizations, and governments to facilitate collaboration and partnership. We help identify areas where businesses can contribute their expertise, resources, and innovation to support humanitarian efforts.

2. Promoting Best Practices

We promote best practices in business-humanitarian partnerships by sharing knowledge, experiences, and success stories. We facilitate dialogues, workshops, and conferences to encourage knowledge sharing and to foster a community of practice.

3. Advocacy

We advocate for the role of businesses in humanitarian efforts at national and international levels. We work with stakeholders to create an enabling environment for business-humanitarian partnerships.

4. Capacity Building

We provide training and resources to businesses and humanitarian organizations to strengthen their capacity to work together effectively. We help organizations understand each other’s needs, expectations, and operational realities.

Get Involved

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Join our network of businesses, humanitarian organizations, and governments committed to making a difference. As a member, you will have access to our resources, events, and opportunities to collaborate with other organizations.

Sponsor an Event

Support our events by becoming a sponsor. Your support will help us organize conferences, workshops, and other events that promote knowledge sharing and collaboration.


Volunteer your time and skills to support our work. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with event planning, research, communications, and more.

Upcoming Events

  • Business Humanitarian Forum Annual Conference
    • Location: Dublin
    • Description: The annual conference brings together leaders from the business sector, humanitarian organizations, and governments to discuss current challenges and opportunities in business-humanitarian partnerships.
  • Workshop on Best Practices in Business-Humanitarian Partnerships
    • Location: Dublin
    • Description: This workshop will provide a platform for organizations to share their experiences and best practices in business-humanitarian partnerships.
  • Online Poker tournament

For more information about our upcoming events, please visit our events page.

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For more information about the Business Humanitarian Forum, or if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Join us in making a difference through business. Together, we can create a better world for everyone.

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