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The Baz International Pharmaceutical Company

This photo album provides a pictorial review of the various phases of the BHF project to construct a generic medicines factory in Kabul, Afghanistan. The project has cleared a number of hurdles, from its initial conception and the gathering of partners, to the actual construction of the building and the provision of equipment. These photos tell a moving story of determination and persistence in creating a new enterprise in a post-conflict area, a project to provide local access to high-quality medicines for the Afghan population as well as local, sustainable employment and training opportunities. This photo album, we hope, will give the viewer a far better idea of the progress that has been achieved and the unusual obstacles overcome on the way to establishing a concrete example of sustainable development in a country still emerging from years of war.

Afghanistan after the defeat of the Taliban - desperate need for reconstruction

Condition of a typical pre-war factory in Kabul - nothing works

Afghanistan government central storage site for medicines  - no medicines available. BHF response: we will produce generic medicines in Afghanistan!

BHF mission to establish the basis for its project

Driving to the industrial park outside Kabul

Dr. Karim Baz, our Afghan partner, and Rory O'Riordan President of European Generic Medicines Association (EGA), inspecting the site near Kabul

Discussions with the mayor of Kabul, Anwar Jekdalek

Signing Ceremony in Geneva for the construction and support of thenew company, July 2003 Left to Right: UNDP, Dr. Baz, BHF, EGA and Afghan ambassador

Signing Ceremony in Geneva for the BHF project, July 2003. Jack Maresca, Karim Baz and Amb. Shamsuzzakir Kazemi

Ground-breaking Ceremony; Dr.Karim Baz, lays the ceremonial foundation stone

Dr. Karim Baz at the construction site

Generic medicines factory under construction, Oct 2004

... and in April 2005

Interior of the facility, June 2005

Signing Ceremony in Bonn, April 2005, for German government grant, to transport EGA pharmaceutical equipment from the U.S. to Kabul. Deutsche Post, EGA, DEG, BHF.

Unloading equipment, Kabul, July 2005

Offloading operations...

Transporting equipment to the factory

Visiting the BHF office in Kabul; Emily Talmon-l'Armée and Brigitte Scherrer

Production equipment after delivery to the factory

First company board meeting, Kabul, October 2005 Left to Right: Emily Talmon-l'Armee, BHF; Rory O'Riordan, EGA; Frederick Lyons, UNDP Country Director for Afghanistan; Dr. Karim Baz, Afghan owner

The factory, Dec 2005

Two Afghan employees

Prospective products from WHO essential medicines list

Engineer. Shekarabi and Araghi preparing operation of generic medicines manufacturing machines

Labeling Machine before

After Repair

Award ceremony, Geneva, May 2004. Rory O'Riordan receives the Business Humanitarian Award.

Left to Right:   
Jack Maresca, BHF President  
George Russell, BHF Honorary Co-Chair  
Dr. Karim Baz, Afghan owner   
Amb. Assad Omer, Afghan Ambassador to the UN in Geneva   
Rory O'Riordan, EGA 

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