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The BHF is available for consultation on specific cross-sector development projects that organizations would like to carry out.  The BHF has extensive experience in this area, and projects undertaken to date include a variety of activities in various regions of the world, as noted below:

1. Afghanistan: The BHF assembled public-private partnerships to build a generic medicines production factory and a furniture-making factory. In both cases, local entrepreneurs were the key participants, with outside assistance from a variety of public and private entities that contributed materiel, expertise, financing and management skills.

2. Southern Africa: Partnering with the Swiss and Swazi Red Cross, the BHF assisted in a project to upgrade, equip, and staff a medical clinic in a peri-urban area of Swaziland so that it could manage a greatly increased caseload of HIV/AIDS patients. The BHF located financial and material assistance for the project, liaised with organizations and companies involved in HIV/AIDS assistance and contributed its analytical expertise to help improve long-term planning of the clinic's operations. The clinic was subsequently integrated into the national health care system. Building on this success story, the BHF is evaluating new HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment projects in different parts of the world.

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH): In recognition of the fact that the wood industry is one of BiH's most promising industrial sectors, the BHF has undertaken several public-private partnership projects in this area. These include holding conferences to improve economic opportunities in the sector, business-to-business meetings to enhance commercial cooperation between companies from Western Europe and BiH, and initiating efforts to establish a center for advanced wood processing at a university in the country. In each case, the BHF sought to bring together appropriate stakeholders from the private and public sectors to achieve the necessary project synergies.

Detailed information on these projects can be found in the documentation section of the website, especially in BHF newsletters and annual reports. Further details are also available from the BHF Secretariat (bhinfo@bhforum.org).

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